Why do you paint people who can't/won't/don't pay for it?

I spend quite a bit of time trying to explain this to people, particularly my parents, also friends of mine who are professional artists.  It does seem a bit un-American not to exploit one's abilities to their maximum financial potential .  Watch this space for when I finally figure it out.

What's next?

When I'm not painting people, I work on sculpture, and other experimental projects.

As far as portraits go, I'm thinking about a project involving some of the world's 20 million refugees and those displaced within their own countries (IDP's).

Do you paint commissioned portraits?

Yes.  In fact, this is partly how I fund my art habit.  Portraits are $200 each, plus whatever it takes to get us to the same physical location.

Can I get a portrait of my child(ren)?

I only paint people if they ask me to- that means your kids asking, not you.  If they're into the idea, I would be delighted.  If you think you can persuade them to pretend to be interested for the two hours it's going to take, I honor your confidence in your parenting skills.  See my Portrait of a Bored Teenager for possible outcomes.